Town of Plum Lake Referenda Question on Ballot

  Shall the Town of Plum Lake adopt the following resolution?

  "Resolved, that "We the People" of the Town of Plum Lake, seek to obtain guidance on two issues that affect our elections and

  our democratic institutions.  The two issues we wish to get public input on are regarding corporate personhood rights and

  the influence of unlimited political contributions and spending.  We are asking the electors of the Town of Plum Lake if they

  support the passage of an amendment to the United States Constitution stating:

  1.  Only human beings are endowed with constitutional rights - not corporations, unions, non-profits or other artificial

       entities, and

  2.  Money is not speech, and therefore limiting political contributions and spending is not equivalent to limiting speech."

   ELECTION RESULTS AS OF APRIL 13, 2020 ARE (for April 7th Election):

       YES:  189 votes            NO:  41 votes



Tuesday, April 14, 2020