Possible Town Purchase of Alexander Trust Parcel

     The town has submitted an offer to purchase the vacant land known as the Alexander Parcel (Parcel Number 020-485-01).  Based on a recent appraisal that the town had done in order to acquire the land needed to build a retention pond for the Carl Eliason Street Road Project, the town offered the appraised price of $206,677 for this parcel that is just under 40 acres.  

     The offer to buy must be approved by the Walter Alexander Foundation by November 8, 2021.  They have the option to  decline or accept the offer.  This offer to purchase is made with the contingency that town electors must approve the purchase of this land.  If the electors vote not to buy the land, the offer is off the table.  

This item will be on the agenda for the Budget Hearing Meeting that will be held on Tuesday, November 23, beginning at 6 pm.  We encourage you to attend this meeting and let the Town Board know whether or not you feel it is something the town should do.  Discussion will be encouraged prior to the vote.


Monday, November 1, 2021